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Nowadays being an entrepreneur requires intuition and expertise. Our goal is to make it possible for you to focus on the business. We'll handle the rest.


The right lawyer can be a powerful weapon in the hands of an entrepreneur. Knowledge of the law, with an added dose of experience and business practice, can allow clients to achieve better results in less time. Doing business nowadays leaves no room for mediocrity or guesswork. We like to be brave, solve problems and suggest new approaches. Those who choose us for our business-related services are reluctant to part ways – and we like to stand by them.

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Our services

Company incorporation

What type of company is perfect for you? Choosing between the various types of company is the first step towards establishing a successful business.

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Managerial and entrepreneurial support

We offer ongoing legal/managerial advice. There is really a lot we can do to help managers make quick, informed and always well-thought out decisions.

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Protecting and nurturing your brand

We are known above all for our competence in protecting intangible corporate assets: trademarks, design, know-how, communication. We know how to nurture and protect what makes you unique on the market.

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Privacy & GDPR

We actively work alongside data protection professionals in order to be sure that regulatory compliance does not affect your business operations. And we can act quickly and decisively to ensure you incur no unnecessary penalties.

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